Dream Salon

The dynamics of working with your dreams in a safe group setting stimulates perception, intuition and personal insights that have been sublimated due to your investment in the world at large. Therefore, you will learn to reconnect with your authentic self through specific creative techniques in a safe, committed group environment that will uncover both universal and personal meanings of your dream material.

While everyone learns at different rates and styles, each person participates and utilizes the material as a springboard to explore new realms at his or her own pace. As personalization occurs with the techniques to understand how your dreams communicate with you, your ability to problem solve creatively and embrace a more intimate and deepened relationship with your inner self will emerge to empower you in every aspect of your life. Groups are closed until they are opened at the end of the sessions offered (usually six) and are limited to six to eight people for optimal results.

For more information regarding these ongoing Salons or upcoming dream events, please contact me using the online contact form.