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Guidelines to Submit a Dream Report

Always write in first person, present tense and note any feelings, people (strangers or known people and their relationship to you), shapes, colors, weather conditions, mood, setting, any physical/emotional sensations in the dream or upon awakening—anything that stands out clearly from your recall. Also, be sure to title and date your dream.

Dream Assessments

Summary/Overview – This service consists of an overall summary via e-mail of the dream report submitted that includes highlights of key points and symbols in the content. Suggestions, questions and prompts for personal associations to the content will be given for the dreamer to implement and consider to further develop meanings and insights about the dream. ~$45.00

Full Assessment – This service consists of an in-depth analysis via e-mail of dream symbols, both personal and archetypal, and suggested perspectives of how dreamer might further work with dream content to extract deeper meanings from symbolic imagery, themes, characters, settings, colors or other significant material embedded in dream and how they pertain to the dreamer’s waking life. ~$95.00

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The goals of dreamwork are to decode dream material intuitively based on working knowledge and experience and to empower and guide the dreamer to his or her own conclusions, so that integration of the material may occur. All dreams submitted are held to the highest confidential standards and are considered the property of the dreamer, unless otherwise released by mutual agreement. Due to dream material and the psyche being fluid phenomena in relation to time, it is understood that commentary may or may not be relevant at the time of consult. Dreams often reflect conditions that may be past, present or future in the dreamer’s life experience and are not necessarily definitive of their possible meanings at the time services are rendered.