Dream Inspired Writing Clinic

Awaken the images within and invite them into your creative writing!

Your dreams contain wildly imaginative unconscious material available to you each night and can become a reliable source of inspiration for creating stories, poems, novels or screenplays. The very act of recording a dream will lead to incorporating characters, plot, feelings and emotions that can move through an ordinary story and give it three-dimensional shape and sizzle.

Explore how to access this creative resource within you. Learn about dream inspired writers who have spun their dream imagery into famous masterpieces. Dreams can unclog writer’s block and stimulate creativity in any area of your life.

By applying basic background knowledge of dream lore and how journal and incubation techniques work, you can boost your creative skills, add dimension to every creative endeavor in your life and freshen your approach every time you pick up a pen or open a new document.

Learn to be a dream inspired writer!

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