Ever have a dream haunt you?

You can discover the powerful meanings and messages in your dreams by decoding your own symbolic dream language, themes and imagery. Dreams come in all flavors―big dreams, precognitive, nightmares, recurring, lucid and day residue. By examining your associations to your dreams’ symbolic content, you can unlock links to your waking life.

I believe dreams are not “separate” from us, but part of our life experiences waiting to be integrated into waking consciousness. When working with people who want to explore their dreams beyond the scope of the traditional dream dictionary, I find many are able to

• Gain clarity during life transitions
• Release emotional blocks
• Eliminate destructive patterning
• Increase spiritual deepening and relatedness
• Acquire perspective during loss and grief

My goal is to guide the dreamer into decoding their own dreams images through expressive means and intuitive guidance.

Contact me for a variety of dream services:
personal consultations, mentoring and assessments

Marlene King, M.A. has practiced dreamwork for over 35 years guiding clients and groups through their dream journeys opening them up to intuitive insight and inspiration. Her practice draws on a wide range of methods and expertise from Carl Jung to Montague Ullman. She is a writer, artist, mental health professional and former corporate executive, and among her many publications of inspirational stories, her articles and column, “Dream Times,” has appeared in The North Kitsap Herald and for 18 years in Dream Network Journal.


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